Who We Are

Powerhouse is a rock poster shop and design studio. We are a group of multidisciplinary artists who share a passion for rock & roll and design. In 2004, we started making posters for our favorite bands. Our energy and success is rooted in the hands-on, DIY process of rock poster design and printing, and a rich understanding of the culture. We spot niche trends that inform and enable the creation of powerful rock poster designs that have been featured in publications and galleries all over the world.

We immerse ourselves in the rock poster counter culture by going to and experiencing shows and festivals and various other cultural events. This gives us unique insights into what's emerging, what's relevant and what is past its prime. Then we thought, there are brands out there that need this kind of thinking. Fast forward almost a decade, and we are translating the same spirit of collaboration and artistic drive into projects for our music industry clients through our rock poster shop and Fortune 500 companies through our brand-building agency.

Check out some of our brand-building work: powerhousefactories.com